GeoName Expertise

For over a decade, GeoData's GeoNames Analysts have been instrumental in completing numerous projects for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) through The Geographic Names Program. Our GeoNames experts were also instrumental in updating the Geographic Names Database (GNDB), modifying existing and adding new names from native source material for countries in the entire Middle East region, Central Asia including Pakistan and India, Southeast Asia, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia. GeoData's experts have also completed numerous projects on Central and South America, the European Continent (East and West), North Africa and many countries of the African Continent. Our experts utilized multiple resources to complete these projects, and we have developed proprietary Quality Management software to ensure our work is of the highest accuracy and quality.

In addition, our company has expertise in City Graphics. Our Analysts have completed many city graphics in Israel, Armenia, Iran and Greece. It should also be pointed out that many of these city graphics were completed in times of urgent need and under national crisis conditions. In 2003, based on client needs, GeoData Corporation's experts developed an innovative electronic format for recording feature names and other data pertaining to city images.

There is no country on earth we cannot cover.

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