Teaching Languages

GeoData's experts have native knowledge in over twenty languages and more than twenty dialects covering all the geographic regions listed above. Examples of our language expertise include Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Farsi, Pashtu, Urdu, Hebrew, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Greek, Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, Slavic, Germanic and Scandinavian languages. It is also important to point out that all of our linguists are expert language instructors, as they routinely provide intensive training utilizing Romanization Conversion to their colleagues in order to help them achieve the functional literacy necessary to work on projects involving their native languages. A number of our linguists have extensive experience in teaching languages utilizing Romanization Conversion for private clients and several government agencies.

Presently, most intensive language instruction for corporations and Federal Government Agencies is accomplished through the use of Romanization Conversion. All of GeoData Corporation's Analysts are linguists who are experts in the use of Romanization Conversion and other effective methodologies for language instruction. Consequently, they are well qualified to provide the language instruction required by Federal Government agencies and private sector customers. GeoData Corporation has been approved by, and is on the General Services Administration (GSA) Language Training Schedule.



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